The Chainsmokers Tweet Mysterious Countdown

We know The Chainsmokers won’t release it’s next album until December, but we also know the dance-pop duo has a stacked set of releases to come in the months between.

Fans have already gobbled singles “Sick Boy,” “You Owe Me,” and “Everybody Hates Me,” all of which depict a shift toward a slightly darker, more brooding style. Now, The Chainsmokers shared a mysterious countdown on social media — and time is almost up.

A tweet leads to a website, with the #DreamStillLives tagged at the end. The website is a countdown that ends at 8:05 p.m. ET / 5:05 p.m. PT, marking the moment King was announced deceased. Fans speculate it could be a drop of new music, though the band has yet to confirm any details.

We do know #dreamstolive is a way for social media users to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Today, April 4, is the 50th anniversary of his assassination. A number of artists including BTS, Lionel Richie and Garth Brooks have tweeted about it. We’ll find out soon enough what this countdown leads to, if it may be tied to the anniversary or any of these other artists.

The duo did tweet that new music was coming just before that, though. Fingers crossed.

EDMBUZZ has a close eye on the situation, so stay tuned for developments when the clock runs out. Check the tweets below.

Edit: The website updated with a video message from The Chainsmokers and others in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr’s memory and the ongoing legacy of his I Have A Dream speech, not new music from The Chainsmokers.

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