Felix Cartal wants you to put down your phone and speak to someone in new track ‘Faces’

Felix Cartal calls out society’s inability to communicate in person thanks to our screen-filled world in newest release: “Faces” featuring Veronica.

“‘Faces’ is about getting over our fear and remembering that we’re all human, and that trying to connect with someone on a real, in-person level is important,” says Cartal about his inspiration for the track in an official release for “Faces.”

Veronica also spoke to this sentiment, saying “We want to remind anyone listening that there’s nothing more important than the people we surround ourselves with, so don’t hide from the faces.”

The track focuses in on Veronica’s vocals and builds with a guitar backdrop that falls into pulsing electronic chords. The house drop keeps the track upbeat, but ultimately the smooth chords and Veronica’s sultry vocals make the track the perfect radio chill track.

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