The Chainsmokers Drop ‘Everybody Hates Me’ Remixes

It’s no fun being the butt of everyone’s jokes — unless you’re hated on for being successful musicians, and then you can definitely have some fun writing songs about how you laugh all the way to the bank. The Chainsmokers’ latest song “Everybody Hates Me” is kinda like that, even if singer Drew Taggart does get in his feelings a wee bit. It’s still a rather triumphant tune, and especially so with its new remix package featuring five reinterpretations from some of The Chainsmokers’ favorites.

It starts with an anxious rock edge from Justin Caruso. Its amped-up electric guitars build the feeling that you might scream at any moment, and the drop gives you the chance to dance off the paranoia. Steerner is next with a bit of future bass, and Khrebto comes in with a whiplash your body most certainly is not ready for. Michael Mar slows things down with a tropical breeze and sunset feels, and Linn finishes the vibe with a beautiful new vocal and a touch of melancholy.

The remix package is out now on Disruptor Records via Columbia. It should give the tune some more life, which currently sits at No. 5 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs charts. Give the full package a listen below.

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