Deadmau5 Is Developing His Own First-Person Shooter Video Game

April 19, 2018

After recently announcing his plans to build a fully equipped LAN/gaming center in Canada, Deadmau5 has announced his plans to develop his own first-person shooter video game. Deadmau5 did reveal that the game will take “a year at least” to officially release the game, but Unreal Engine is developing the game for him. The electronic […]

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deadmau5 looks to establish LAN/gaming mega center in Canada

April 13, 2018

deadmau5 will extend his innovative touch from the studio to Milton, Canada where he will channel his love for gaming into the construction of a fully outfitted LAN/gaming center, located within the small Canadian community. After tweeting his nascent intention to “buy some commercial property in Milton” with the explicit interest of establishing such a […]

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Deadmau5 Orchestral Project ‘Where’s the Drop?’ Is His Gateway Into Film Scoring

April 12, 2018

Nearly 24 hours before deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, held his two-night, TIDAL-helmed orchestral affair at Los Angeles’ Wiltern Theatre — in support of his celestial project Where’s the Drop?, in collaboration with award-winning film composer Gregory Reveret — the elusive producer reluctantly conducted press rounds for a few hours at Sunset Marquis’ legendary Nightbird recording […]

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deadmau5 reveals narrowly escaping deadly plane crash in 2008

April 5, 2018

Last week deadmau5 successfully released his orchestral album ‘where’s the drop?’, but if luck had not been on his side 10 years ago, the Canadian producer wouldn’t have even been alive today. In a recent interview with H3 Podcast ‘the mau5’ a.k.a Joel Zimmerman revealed that he very narrowly missed boarding a disatrous flight in […]

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Deadmau5 Releases Royalty-Free Sample Pack

March 17, 2018

While deadmau5 is known for his extravagant visuals and stage design during his live shows, the Canadian DJ/Producer is just as well known for his magnifique productions. Being one of the most respected producers in the world, Joel Zimmerman is revered for his technical expertise in producing quality music. Now, the 37-year-old is sharing his […]

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