SoundCloud’s Revenue Just Topped $100 Million

April 9, 2018

SoundCloud has had a bumpy couple of years to say the least! Along with bankruptcy speculations, major executives quitting, downsizing staff and not to mention stiff competition with other streaming services (ie. Spotify) it seemed SoundCloud was doomed. However, after their $170M bailout, SoundCloud’s total sales have now surpassed its revenue goal of $100 million […]

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Soundcloud Adds New Scheduling Upload Feature

April 2, 2018

Music makers, producers, and Djs around the world, SoundCloud will finally make your life easier than it ever was before. Recently, The popular music platform has introduced a new feature that now allows you to schedule your music uploads. Unfortunately, you have to have a Pro Unlimited account with the platform in order to have […]

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Mysterious Soundcloud Upload Triggers Daft Punk Hype

March 21, 2018

This white whale might be even more far fetched than the daily Swedish House Mafiarumors, or is it? Doesn’t it seem a bit too convenient that so many sources (all of whom probably know who the real special guest is) are “leaking” that it’s gonna be SHM. That is not exactly “expect the unexpected”. Imagine how […]

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